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Naoto Fukasawa

What has been my fascination with Thonet? The fact that Thonet has created an icon that changed design history – like the use of bentwood or bent tubular steel. I respect that very much. So when I was involved with Thonet for a project, I naturally felt that I needed to create something that is as iconically valuable as the company's history.

Naoto Fukusawa was born in 1956. He graduated in product design from the Tama Art University in Tokyo. At Seiko Epson he was responsible for the design of watches and other microelectronic products. After several years in the United States he returned to Japan, where he acted as a consultant to the design departments of various leading Japanese corporations. In 2003 he founded Naoto Fukusawa Design. He develops products across wide-ranging areas, from microelectronic devices to furniture and interior design. Naoto Fukasawa recieved more than 50 design awards to date.


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