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Restaurant Da Vinci in Kassel

Dealer: Büro & Wohndesign, Matthias Göbel 

Photos: Constantin Meyer

118, 404 H


The Restaurant Da Vinci is located in Kassel’s Vorderer Westen district on the corner of Germaniastraße/Lasallestraße. Here, original Italian cuisine meets elegant interior design. Following comprehensive conversion and renovation work, the popular pizzeria celebrated its reopening with a new name, an updated menu and furnished with Thonet chairs. The architectural team of Büro & Wohndesign around Matthias Göbel intentionally relied on cooperating with regional designers and nearby companies for its interior design concept. For the design of the interior, the owners and architects decided on twelve chairs model 404 H in black designed by Stefan Diez, and for over 20 Thonet wooden chairs model 118 by Sebastian Herkner. The chair 118 stained in black with wicker cane seat refers to the traditional Thonet heritage. Subtle details including legs rounded on their back side with soft edges at the front make the design, which Sebastian Herkner likes to name “Offenbach Chair”, a modern eye catcher that qualifies for its use in restaurants due to its high sitting comfort and subtle elegance. The chairs are grouped around black tables and invite guests in Kassel to enjoy real Neapolitan pizza in convivial gatherings. 

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