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Eurojust in Den Haag

Interior design: Mecanoo HQ, Delft

Dealer: Gispen, Culemborg


Photos: Mecanoo HQ, Delft


Chairs S 845 DRW, S 845 DRWE


Eurojust – the judicial authority of the European Union – has its headquarters in Den Haag. The institution has the status of an EU agency and coordinates transnational criminal proceedings at the European level. Eurojust also promotes the exchange of information between national and international law enforcement authorities. All of the above happens in an office building that is characterised by modern architecture with generous, partly open-plan spaces. The two-piece complex is surrounded on one side by a designed dune landscape that is reflected in the numerous windows, some of which are vertically inclined and some horizontally.


The architects from the architectural office Mecanoo chose Thonet’s range S 840 for furnishing the impressive conference hall in the building: 25 swivel chairs model S 845 DRW are grouped around a round conference table in the centre. A second, much larger table system with 62 chairs model S 845 DRWE with extra-high backrests surrounding the centre table provides plenty of seats for more employees. The office chairs designed by Lepper Schmidt Sommerlade have high-quality leather seats in a pleasant beige colour; the seat shells were manufactured in dark-stained oak wood, matching the table system. 

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