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  • 7000
    Elegant, simple, and modular:
    Shelf system 7000 has a basic grid of 140, 120 or 80 cm width, 10, 20, 30 or 40 cm height, and is 40 cm deep.

    It can be assembled without tools and extended or changed in its dimensions with additional elements. Various surfaces offer a broad spectrum of uses from the living to the contract segment.

    The contrast between the 4 cm thick shelves and the clear, reduced metal support structure is aesthetically attractive. Aluminum support structure high-gloss polished, chrome-plated matte or powder-coated black or white. Shelves made of lightweight wood panel, veneered in beech, ash, oak or nut wood or in different stains; top coat in black and white or laminate in white and light gray with plastic edge veneer.
  • 7000
  • 7000


Flexible placement of the cabinet elements



Classic bookshelf

b420 / h213

Frame aluminum high-gloss polished

Minimalist longboard

b420 / h53

Frame aluminum, powder-coated black

Functional and purist sideboard

b280 / h93

Frame aluminum, powder-coated white

Homelike & noble : walnut

b140 / h213

Placement of the cabinet elements can be freely selected

Placement of the cabinet elements can be freely selected

Chrome-plated frame

Cabinet element with flap

Cabinet element with drawer

Variable in grid height

Variable in width

Individually extendable with cabinet elements

b240 / h143

Cabinet element with white laminate inside

Gestell weiss pulverbeschichtet

Wood: Oak



Shelf small

A small shelf can be effortlessly assembled by one person.

Shelf large

Large shelves can be easily assembled by two persons.

Tools are not necessary!

Simple system

The shelves are simply hung into the frame.

The building blocks

System 7000 is built from few individual elements.