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Bentwood – even more natural and purer

If traces of use are welcome on the surface of a piece of furniture and, in addition, represent a special quality characteristic, we are speaking of a chair from our “Pure Materials” series. Natural wood, striking, grained leather and an especially careful handling of the materials characterise this fine and especially sustainable product line, which already includes selected tubular steel icons from the Bauhaus era. Now, we’re expanding the “Pure Materials” collection with our famous bentwood classics 209, 210, 214, 215 and 233. We offer these versions in ash wood and the vegetable tanned leather “Olive Galicia”. Over the course of time and with use, a natural patina develops, providing each piece of furniture with a unique look, making each piece unmistakable.


The wood.


The finest local ash is used for our “Pure Materials” bentwood classics instead of European beech. This type of wood is wonderfully suitable for the traditional production method of bending with the help of steam, and it is a very strong and elastic wood with a characteristic open-pore grain. The ash wood of the “Pure Materials” furniture from sustainable forestry is intentionally only minimally treated in order to allow for the haptic experience of the structures of the living surface. Over the course of time and use, areas on the wood that are more intensely used become smoother than others, making the piece of furniture a personal companion. The chairs are offered in two versions: with light oil, they contribute to a friendly warm living ambiance; stained dark and refined with a protective natural wood lacquer, the pieces of furniture create strong accents in a room.



The leather.


A seat cushion covered with exquisite leather not only increases the comfort
of our bentwood classics of the “Pure Materials” line, but the strong dark brown colour of our grained leather “Olive Galicia”, which is vegetable tanned with olive leaf extracts, gives each chair a sophisticated look with a unique feel. This natural leather is neither scraped nor embossed or lacquered, enabling it to react to touch by developing characteristic traces of use, gradually developing a completely individual look. Not least due to the use of renewable raw materials for the tanning process, we offer sustainable, ecological leather of the highest quality for the upholstery covers of the chairs. In addition to the upholstered version, we offer another more reduced solution for the use of leather: the mould seat of the high chair is covered with a thin layer of leather, which elegantly underlines the curved character of the seat and provides comfortable warmth. The “Pure Materials” bentwood classics are, of course, also available with wickerwork and netting.


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