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The classic S 43 in new colors

The Bauhaus can be described as the cradle of modern tubular steel furniture because in the 1920s some of the most important designers experimented with the innovative, flexible tubular steel there - among them Dutch architect Mart Stam.
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Within the framework of the Stuttgart Weissenhof Estate project in 1927 Stam worked on the subject of tubular steel furniture together with Bauhaus teachers including Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe and presented a chair without back legs, which we have in our program as S 33.
The S 43 is the smaller version of the original design, which was first presented in the Werkbund exhibition „Die Wohnung“ at the Stuttgart Weissenhof Estate in 1927.
yellow green
In 1931, Thonet took up serial production of a revised version of his early model, today’s S 43.
brown red
The clear, reserved form of S 43 makes this cantilever chair an exemplary design in the spirit of modernism. Its success with the public continues to be unbroken.
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90 years Bauhaus
The Bauhaus, established in 1919 by Walter Gropius as an art school, was something entirely new in its form and concept at the time.
To date, the Bauhaus is considered the most important school for architecture, design and art in the 20th century.
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The importance of this institution was enormous; today, the term “Bauhaus” is usually a synonym for modernism in architecture and design.
Tubular steel furniture, the Bauhaus, and Thonet. With his development of the cantilever chair, Mart Stam set important tracks for the development of modern, objective tubular steel furniture.
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Thonet recognized the potential of the new furniture and became the largest manufacturer of tubular steel furniture in the 1930s.
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Since that time, many models have been part of the program – all of them classics in the history of furniture.
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Mart Stam’s cantilever designs are subject to artistic copyright. The classic S 43 is available in 11 colors applied as structured coating.