The Thonet Design Team

Thonet Design Team


Following the tradition and philosophy of Michael Thonet, the Thonet Design Team designs and develops products by means of a careful and innovative design process. Successful and distinctive products are created by this team of designers, product developers, engineers, and craftsmen with the highest level of craftsmanship. Our designs signify comfortable, timeless and modern furniture. The development focuses on the durability of the products. Therefore, the thoughtful selection of materials and efficient use of resource-saving technologies as well as the functionality and aesthetics of the product process at Thonet are part of a solution-oriented and production-appropriate design process.

Das Thonet Design Team
Thonet Design Team

Meet the Thonet Design Team

Randolf Schott, Lydia Brodde, Emilia Becker, Jörn Eberling and Sabine Hutter (from left to right).

Photo: Philipp Thonet


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