Thonet Kugelleuchte KUULA
Thonet KUULA

Let there be light – with the KUULA and LUM 50 table lamps and the LINON pendant luminaire!

In time for the darker season, we bring light into darkness: three new elegantly minimalist lamp designs now expand our product portfolio and once again enable our customers to create their personal living worlds, Thonet style. In this sense: let there be light – with the table lamps KUULA and LUM 50, and the LINON pendant luminaire!

Scandinavian charm meets German design history: Our new KUULA table lamp

Our vision for the world of living room furniture is beautifully enhanced with the curvaceous new KUULA globe light. The spherical, hand blown glass luminaire, perfectly balanced on a sleek aluminium base, is reminiscent of the kind of lamps that traditionally grace Nordic windowsills, while at the same time it honours the timeless essence of Bauhaus design. By virtue of a long history of collaboration, we have a close philosophical connection with the Bauhaus school of design. Now, through designer Uli Budde, we have posed a question: if the designers of that iconic era were to explore the aesthetic and functional properties of a lamp using today’s technological possibilities, what might be the result?

As experts in the construction of furniture, we were conscious of needing a skilled and creative partner within the lighting industry in order to realise this sophisticated project. Key values such as the sustainable handling of resources, the highest standards of quality, excellence in craftsmanship and superior technical competence created a fluent connection between us and chosen partner Oligo. The German lighting manufacturer is based near Bonn, where the company manufactures products with a high degree of handcrafting.

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An elegant addition to the LUM family: the LUM 50 table lamp

The distinctive, refined character and technical subtleties of the LUM floor lamp designed by Ulf Möller are now also available in a smaller table lamp version, the LUM 50. Like its older sibling, the sinuous form of the lamp plays with our proud tradition of tubular steel design, but, thanks to a reduced height of 50 cm, this version makes an elegant table-top reading or task light. This introduction to the lighting segment further enhances the Thonet concept of coherently integrated living environments.
The LUM family is timeless and durable: the LUM 50 table lamp is reduced to an aesthetic minimum, but can be used and adjusted in many ways, offering the highest level of operational ease and coming equipped with the latest in LED technology. Many subtle but carefully considered details and functions make the LUM 50 a valuable solution in multiple environments

Thonet Leuchte LUM 50 und Schaukelstuhl S 826
Thonet Leuchte LINON

The new LINON pendant luminaire: a combination of sustainable materials and patterns inspired by design icons

With its simple circular form, the new LINON pendant luminaire is designed to stylishly harmonise with our product range, while offering a further unique touch: the patterns on the linen shades also subtly reference icons from our famous portfolio. Inspired by classic yet current forms and by patterns such as the wickerwork of the Vienna coffee house chair or the silhouette of Mart Stam’s cantilever chair, designer Andrea Scholz has created two powerful motifs for the lampshade: the recurring patterns printed on linen create a dynamic impression that makes LINON an eye-catching addition to any living or meeting room.
The fine natural linen used for the lampshade is silkscreen-printed by hand – one of the oldest print craft methods – and with environmentally friendly inks. The cultivation of the flax and the production of the ink production dispense with any chemical ingredients. The slight irregularities resulting from working with natural materials lend LINON its special character and make each lamp one of a kind.

Thonet Leuchte LINON und Klubsessel S 830