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The transition between work and private life is increasingly becoming blurred in terms of both time and location. From the perspective of holistic living, this development offers numerous advantages and a higher quality of life for many people: we are more content when work mixes with family life and leisure. And we reduce travel and gain time when living and work activities overlap. In addition to flexible workplaces and meeting rooms that are accessible for all, the growing number of co-working spaces offers room for social exchange, too.

What is decisive is that we appropriately design the environment where work and life coincide. A well thought-through home office facilitates the organisation of everyday life and allows us to work whenever we feel inspired. Meetings with business partners and colleagues in private spaces or comfortably furnished conference rooms build trust and create room for open discussions. It is a proven fact that if we feel well in our working environment at the office or agency and if it also provides room for socialising, the productivity and creativity of the employees increases.



We offer products and solutions for the most different spatial situations where work and private life concur: the chair programme range 190 and the matching table 1190 are, for example, suited for modern meeting rooms as well as for representative living and dining areas.


The table S 1072 with a large selection of tabletop versions and simplified handling of the extension function complies with changing requirements in living and office spaces.


The new desk S 1200 or the famous desk S 285 by Marcel Breuer are both: functional and beautiful protagonists in the home office. The classics S 32 or S 64 have also found their place for decades in public and private spaces, and the lounge chair S 411 looks good in living rooms and in reception and waiting areas.