Thonet, S 160, Stuhl


Optimal use if space - minimal time for assembly: the S 160 chair series

Beautifully designed, comfortable and in varied versions: the program S 160 was developed for furnishing function rooms and cafeterias. It can be tightly stacked (up to 17 chairs) and provides of the linking system of program S 360: the chairs with armrests can be connected in an easy, safe, and space saving way without the need for tools (Thonet patent). 

Züricher Hochschule der Künste
Thonet, S 160, Projekt, Stuhl
Thonet, S 160, Stuhl


With low or high backrest, and different upholstery options S 160 offers a wide range of uses. Seat and row numbering, writing panel.


S 160: Plastic seat shell in dark grey, signal white

S 162: Seat shell moulded plywood stained beech

S 164: Seat shell moulded plywood with higher backrest

S 166: Seat shell moulded stained beech plywood, with lumbar support

S 168: Seat shell moulded plywood with higher backrest and lumbar support

Thonet, Projekt, Stuhl, S 160