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209 - The favorite chair of architects


The favorite chair of architects

Le Corbusier

Architect, visionary and avant-gardist

Le Corbusier used the chair in many of his buildings: in the Pavillon de l'Esprit Nouveau in Paris, the Villa de la Rocca and in houses nos. 13 and 14/15 in the Stuttgart Weissenhof Estate.

The semi-detached house of Le Corbusier in Ratehnaustrasse 1-3 has been home to the Weissenhof Museum since 2006. Here, the rooms were restored to their original state and furnished with chair 209.

Image: Le Corbusier on 209

Weissenhof Estate , Weissenhof Museum Stuttgart, house by Le Corbusier

Interior of the Jeanneret House, Paris 1923

Pavillon de l'Esprit Nouveau, Paris 1925

Maison de La Roche-Jeanneret, Paris 1923

„… this chair, millions of which
are used in Europe and in both
North and South America, possesses nobility.”
Le Corbusier

Poul Henningsen

Danish designer, author, architect and critic

„This chair solves its task—to be a lightweight, comfortable armchair with a low backrest—with perfection. If an architect makes this chair five times as expensive, three times as heavy, half as comfortable and a quarter as beautiful, he can make a name for himself.“

Poul Henningsen about the “Vienna chair” in Kritisk Revy, 1927

Mart Stam

Architect and inventor of the cantilever chair

The Weissenhof Estate was created as a building exhibition of the city of Stuttgart and the Deutscher Werkbund. Under the art direction of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 17 architects created an exemplary residential program for modern mankind.

The focus was on the floor plans and the furnising of the homes. Mart Stam used the bentwood chair 209 along with his new tubular steel furniture for the interior of his semi-detached houses.

Interior furnishing Mart Stam Weissenhof Estate Stuttgart, 1927