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Brand - Story

„We look forward,
but always with
our history in mind.“
„We continuously work on
perfecting our furniture through
innovative ideas and technologies.“
„We aim to inspire people with
our furniture and design –
it’s as simple as that.“
„Thonet is international.“
„I consider it an important task
to popularize the new Thonet,
our current designs.“


Thonet – one brand, one company, one family

Claus Thonet, what makes Thonet stand out?

We have the distinction of being the oldest furniture brand in the world, and we influenced the history of design with a truly revolutionary innovation. This long tradition includes an obligation to always strive towards creating products of the highest possible quality and towards constant renewal. We look forward, but always with our history in mind. The brand breathes this very special situation, and each new product development is characterized by it.

Felix Thonet, you represent the youngest Thonet generation, the sixth generation – how do you view Thonet?

For me it is important to combine craftsmanship and an eye for details with cutting-edge technology. Thonet is state-of-the-art with regard to production methods. However, what makes us special is the fact that we can fulfill almost any customer request because the company can work like a manufacture when necessary. Customizing is the catchword. 

Peter Thonet, what are some of the goals that Thonet is currently pursuing?

We aim to inspire people with our furniture and our designs. High quality and durability are excellent virtues. We do not follow trends but instead aim to set trends ourselves in the best possible way. In our case, of course, we bank on timelessness, a special form of sustainability. As a family company with a long tradition, our actions are characterized by sustained orientation. It is also important that our products do not harm the environment, whether during production or at the end of a products life cycle.

Philipp Thonet, is Thonet a German phenomenon?

We are extremely strong in our local market, but we definitely strive towards being an international company and are actively doing business in a total of 32 countries. Our philosophy is not specifically German either, and we are fortunately increasingly able to implement it internationally: we strive towards striking a balance between profit-oriented growth, protection of the environment, and responsible actions towards everyone we have contact with as a company, whether employees, trade partners, architects, suppliers or network partners of all kinds.