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"Supernova" Jaarbeurs Utrecht (NL)

Architecture: Liong Lie Architects, Rotterdam

Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Photo: Christiaan de Bruijne

Chairs S 360 F


New look for Thonet chairs in the Conference Centre of the Utrecht Exhibition & Convention Centre 


1,000 chairs of the product family S 360 by Delphin Design (2000), which are used in the Supernova Conference Centre of the Utrecht Exhibition & Convention Centre Jaarbeus, received a makeover in the autumn of 2013. A modern cream white replaces the former green of the plastic seats and backrests to match the new futuristic design of the conference rooms. The decision in favour of the redesign of the chairs speaks to the outstanding quality of the Thonet chairs given the fact that they have been used regularly for more than eight years. The new profile of the conference centre was conceived by the design team of Liong Lie and the architectural office 123DV, as was the case for the conversion of the conference rooms in 2008 when they were first equipped with Thonet furniture.


For the redesign of the conference rooms the architects had a vision of creating machine-like interior: it is reflected in all of the technical and decorative elements such as lighting, the audio-visual systems and, not least, the reduced form of the seating. 


The chair S 360 by Delphin Design is used in all of the conference rooms of the Supernova Conference Centre. They can be easily stacked and they have a simple, patented linking system that allows for the chairs to be lined up in rows without any extra linking elements. The version of S 360 F used in the centre includes armrests.

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