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Single family home in Ratingen near Düsseldorf

Architects: LückerBeckmannArchitekten

Photos: Philip Kistner


Cantilever chairs S 32 / S 64


The tubular steel classics S 32 and S 64 in everyday use: As part of a redesign, the popular cantilever chairs moved into the living room of a single family home in Ratingen. Eight Thonet chairs models S 32 (without armrests) and S 64 (with armrests) are alternately arranged around a large dining table. The popular range S 32 / S 64 by Marcel Breuer (artistic copyright Mart Stam) harmoniously fits in with the light living environment due to its aesthetic reduction and clarity. The open living room with its central stove is enriched with the timeless chairs – through the ingenious combination of tubular steel, wood and wicker cane, the chairs are eye catchers in the room and offer the highest level of sitting comfort for conversations and meals during convivial gatherings. The transparency of the wicker cane in the backrests provides the chairs and frames with a visual lightness that accentuates the friendly character of the light-flooded space. This project was realised by LückerBeckmannArchitekten.

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