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Thonet at Art Cologne

Photo: Constantin Meyer

furniture S 5000, S 411, S 123, B 97, B 20, 1025, S 830

Top-of-the line artworks and seating furniture: “Art Cologne”, the oldest existing trade fair for 20th and 21st century fine arts in the world, refurnished its VIP lounge. And Thonet was selected: during the annual trade fair, the classics and contemporary designs from Frankenberg created the perfect ambience for guests to sit back, relax and network. Tubular steel icons, including the lounge chair S 411 and the coffee tables of the B 20 series, harmonised with the generous, colourful seating landscapes formed by the tubular steel sofa range S 5000 by James Irvine (2006). With its modern, open formal language in fine leather versions, the recently introduced club chair S 830 (Thonet Design Team: Emilia Becker) also welcomed people to spend some time. The small wooden side table 1025 by James Van Vossel served as relaxing and refreshing highlights amidst them. Thonet chairs also found a place at the bar: the fully upholstered barstool S 123 PH ensured comfortable sitting while enjoying a refreshing drink.