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Olympia Stadion Berlin (D)

Architecture: Werner March
Renovation and conversion: gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partner
Interior design: Axel Schulschenk
Photo: Achim Hatzius

Chairs S 64

The S 64 is one of the most famous and most-produced tubular steel classics. Its most important characteristics are the mature constructive form and the ingenious aesthetic combination of tubular steel, wood and wicker. Thonet has been producing these models since 1930. Due to the aesthetic reduction and clarity, they fit into with many environments, for example the restaurant area in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. The monumental building with its clear geometry and no-frills façade has been impressing visitors since its construction 75 years ago. One of the most modern multi-functional arenas in Europe is hidden behind the classic torso.

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