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Printemps Paris

Architektur: Paul Sédille
Fotos: Marion Parez

The Paris department store “Printemps” attracts visitors from March until July 2015 with a sweet temptation in celebration of its 150th anniversary: in the midst of the hustle and bustle the chocolate atrium “La Maison du Chocolat” temporarily creates a place for dreams and pleasure. Star chocolatier Nicolas Cloiseau seduces with delights that he exclusively created for “Printemps”. The fine chocolate delicacies are presented in the midst of a bright and open sales area on gilded displays. The elegant ambience is framed with a white marble floor, glass showcases and a romantic rose awning. Warm, golden light immerses the café in a cosy atmosphere of well-being.


Thonet’s white lacquered chairs 209 M complement the French flair with their soft lines. Their armrests embrace the users and invite them to lean back after a long day of shopping while enjoying a sweet chocolate temptation and unwinding.

A pioneer of furniture history

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