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Restaurant Wiesen in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Interior design: Francois Hannes / Sennah Studio 

Photos: Alfons Lenders



A star for the new cuisine and new chairs for the restaurant: at the occasion of the Guide Michelin award of a star for the sophisticated cuisine, the interior of the Restaurant Wiesen in Eindhoven was redesigned and furnished with new chairs. Range 190 by the designer trio Lievore Altherr Molina were used: 22 models of the upholstered version with armrests (192 PF) and eight without armrests (192 P) – each with oiled walnut frames and creamy white covers. With this combination of materials and colours, the comfortable and generously designed chairs elegantly fit in with the interior design concept with its natural colours: large wooden tables, walls cushioned in light brown in the Chesterfield look, and honeycomb-shaped ceiling lamps define the picture. Discreet ferns on the tables and in the windows provide green accents – a gourmet experience for the palate, eyes and body.



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Range 190