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German Public Library, Leipzig (D)

Photo: Achim Hatzius

Chairs S 43 F

The clear and reserved design makes S 43 an exemplary design in the spirit of modernism. Mart Stam banked on the straightforwardness of the form, aesthetic economy of means in the construction and improved seating comfort in his cantilever chair. In 1933, the National Library in Leipzig was furnished with the classic S 43 F. Due to the Second World War and the foundation of the German Democratic Republic, it was not possible to replace or add to the existing furniture. After the fall of the Berlin wall, Thonet received an inquiry about adding additional chairs in the reading hall; the original chairs had been there since 1933. More than 70 years after the initial delivery of S 43 chairs, Thonet delivered more of the cantilever classics. This is perhaps the best proof of quality and durability.

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