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Homage to old times: bentwood icon 214 decorates Lolita Café in Ljubljana

Interior design: Trije Arhiteki

Photos: Miran Kambič



The small and very pretty Lolita Café in Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana has been enchanting its guests since 2011. Striking, comfortable and trendy furniture and accessories make the narrow room a modern meeting point, yet it also pays homage to the past. The café’s concept was developed by Kavel Group in collaboration with the architectural office Trije Arhiteki; they set themselves the task to transform the long, narrow, high ceilinged room into a modern café with a patisserie that expresses the charm of the past. Thonet’s bentwood classic 214 contributes to this atmosphere, elegantly and discretely fitting in with the total picture in bright white. The iconic 214’s simple, no-frills character also enhances the delicateness of the café’s furnishings. Strong accents are emphasised with the black chair 214 K and its striking knot in the leg alongside coloured textile elements. As the most-built chair of all times, the 214 – also known as the Vienna Coffee House Chair – has clearly become a classic since its creation in 1859, and it has constantly been integrated into contemporary interior design ideas over the course of time.

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