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Brochure "Multifunctional Seeting"


For us, the furnishing of halls, event rooms and catering areas has been a familiar task for over 150 years – and it is one of our specialties. Not least, Thonet became famous due to the “Vienna coffee house chair no. 14”, today’s chair no. 214. This model and a number of other bentwood chairs were used in cafés or cafeterias from the beginning: they are lightweight, robust and have a discrete design, bringing along the ideal properties for seating in large and openplan spaces. The tubular steel cantilever chair based on the principle developed by Mart Stam has been a popular piece of seating furniture in the catering sector and large event venues for decades, as well.


Today, in addition to the famous Thonet classics, we offer a number of models that were explicitly designed for use in large spaces.


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