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Care instructions Thonet All Seasons

Thonet products are famous for their durability and for the careful selection of the materials used. Here you will find information about the cleaning and care of the “Thonet All Seasons” collection. Should you need any additional information, please feel free contact us – our Thonet Service Team will be happy to help you.


Care instructions



The special “ThonetProtect®” surface equips the frames of our “Thonet All Seasons” collection for any outdoor use. This sophisticated coating is tested in compliance with the salt spray test DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS (720 hours). This testing method refers to the strict criteria of the automobile industry and simulates a multiple of a life cycle in regular use. With “ThonetProtect®”, the frames become extremely robust and UV-resistant against any weather influences. They will look good for a long time even on terraces in a harsh coastal environment! What’s even better: deep scratches that may damage the coloured surface do not cause the coating to lose its protective effect. “ThonetProtect®” is available in the seven “Classics in Colour” hues.


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