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Care instructions wood

Here you will find information about the cleaning and care of lacquered and stained wood surfaces. 


Distinctive, unobtrusive and modern - wood surfaces they way they are supposed to be. The careful selection of wood such as beech, oak, nut or others is important to us. We pro­fessionally select the woods and refine the
surfaces with stains or water based varnishes, resulting in fine wood surfaces with a typical structure and harmonic, perfectly finished ve­neers - unmistakable and genuine. In the spirit of our sustainability policy, we only use woods and veneers from sustained forestry that are certified in compliance with FSC or PEFC.

All of our furniture is treated with environmen­tally friendly water­based varnish, making the surfaces largely impermeable. Most types of wood can be stained and varnished in a va­riety of shades. Due to this diversity of possibili­ties our furniture can be integrated in all living and working environments.

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