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We strive for a balance between profitable growth, protection of the environment, and responsible actions towards all shareholder groups. We base our actions on an integral view and sustainability combined with social responsibility. Our products are durable and do not harm the environment, neither in their production nor their recycling.

A special award for our commitment to sustainability: for the first time, Thonet has received the Green Globe High Achievement Award for outstanding achievement as defined by the Green Globe Standard. One of only ten companies worldwide, we have been awarded the highly regarded prize for commitment to sustainability. In the business category, Thonet is the only company that not only meets but exceeds the award’s equirements in the areas of development, production and distribution.


The best proof of quality and sustainability is the subsequent delivery of cantilever chairs S 43 for the "German National Library Leipzig" after more than 70 years.

» Further information about the seating, existing since 1933 in the "National Library Leipzig"


» THONET MEDIENDATENBANK - Download Certificate

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