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August 2013

Awarded by consumers:
Thonet wins European Consumers Award

European consumers have awarded Thonet for its S 64 from the Frankenberg company’s Pure Materials series with the European Consumers Award and an outstanding grade of 9.5. Design, comfort and quality were the criteria consumers used to evaluated products from design and industry. The S 64 scored high in all areas: “It is beautiful, comfortable, timeless, elegant and stylish. This chair looks fantastic anywhere,” stated one of the evaluators.

Pure Materials
A new look with new surfaces: full-grain leather, nickel-plated tubular steel and oiled wood are the materials used for the Marcel Breuer classics in the Pure Materials series. What’s special about these materials is the fact that they quickly develop a natural patina, giving the furniture a vintage look. Along with S 64, the S 32, S 33 and S 34 as well as the side tables 9 a-d and B 97 are part of the series.

European Consumers Choice
European Consumers Choice is an independent nonprofit organization with its head offices in Brussels. Its mission is to award products that stand out due to their outstanding quality and functionality as well as the comprehensive services of the companies. The jury is composed of members from the industry, design and specialist press – it selects the products that consumers in Europe test and evaluate.

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Thonet wins European Consumers Award"


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S 64 "Pure Materials" - Black
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S 64 "Pure Materials" - Ochrebrown
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S 64 "Pure Materials" - Greengrey
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S 64 "Pure Materials" - Dark brown
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S 64 "Pure Materials" - Medium brown
JPG 300 dpi