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April 2015

Fifties reloaded! The new lounge furniture programme S 650 by Thonet

The various elements of programme range S 650 can be combined in a flexible way and offer plenty of scope for relaxed sitting, whether used as individual pieces or as part of a specifically arranged seating landscape. Inspired by a classic Thonet lounger from the 1950s, the design evokes an intriguing combination of stability and weightlessness: the upholstered backrest appears to lean with the lightest touch against the filigree tubular steel frame. The spacious, comfortable padding of the design invites either easy repose or lively interaction, if preferred. Available as a single or two-seater, with or without armrests and with an optional connecting table, the variable programme range provides adaptable solutions for any spatial situation.


In a practical and elegant touch, the connecting table within programme range S 650 provides ample space for a handbag or newspaper to rest right beside the user, while the two-seater unit offers a comfortable option and either a private or connected solution for public waiting areas. Thanks to the sense of openness in the design, the furniture offers an ideal place to engage with those seated around you, if desired and the low backrest enables a casual and communicative seating position. The various elements can be freely combined – side-by-side, opposite to each other, or diagonally arranged. The optional connecting table element can be easily installed or uninstalled without the need for tools, and further expands the configuration options of this programme range.


Tubular steel armrests can be integrated as a preference, elegantly framing the furniture without adding a sense of heaviness. In addition to the classically influenced chrome-plated version, the tubular steel support is available as lacquered in a variety of colours. In addition, and for enhanced individualisation, users can choose from a range of leather or fabric options for the upholstery. Thanks to the flexibility of material and the variable combinations of furniture elements, numerous looks can be created and personalised to customers own preferences – from eye-catching and colourful to discrete and neutral.


» Download PDF "Programme S 650"

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