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October 2014

Table system A 1700 is ready for the future “Evolution”: Thonet presents new leg solutions for a successful table programme range 

With leg versions improved with regard to appearance and quality, Thonet has technically and aesthetically updated the high-quality table programme range A 1700. The two former leg types – the individual table leg and T-leg – have been completely redesigned. The result is the A 1700 “Evolution”. The possibilities for individualisation are also new: Thonet offers numerous options with regard to materials and versions for both leg versions. Planners and decision-makers have considerable freedom of choice for the design of conference areas – because a perfectly adapted A 1700 can now merge into a unique overall concept with any space.


The well-proven advantages of the table programme range remain: the innovative connection technique – with flexible turn-lock fastener or screwed tight – enables users to link a table array without the use of tools. Even large table systems can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled by one person. In addition, all of the existing tabletops of the programme range continue to be compatible with the new leg versions.    


Perfect for customisation: the table leg 

Contrary to the former oval profile, the legs mounted at the outer edges of the tabletop now impress with their noble drop shape and present a slender edge towards the outside. Inlays of wood, leather or other materials can be inserted, providing the table system with individual looks to match the visual conditions of any conference or training area.


Contemporary and elegantly curved: the T-leg

An elegantly curved cast aluminium foot stabiliser in three different sizes looks lightweight and replaces the former flat steel base of the new T-leg. One or two leg tubes mounted on the base provide the leg with a clear, beautifully designed appearance. The wealth of different T-leg versions combined with one of the numerous tabletops available for product family A 1700 guarantees a high degree of individualisation when choosing a personalised table system. Mounted at the centre of the tabletop, the T-leg version of A 1700 also assures plenty of legroom.


Equipped for any purpose: table programme range A 1700 

The table programme range designed by the trio Lepper Schmidt Sommerlade from 2001 stands out due to its fine details, high functionality and elegant formal language. Thanks to its innovative technology and the new range of design options, the intelligent table system fulfils all of the requirements of the modern working world – a decisive criterion for the individuality and freedom of planning. Diversified configurations can be assembled from individual standard components. A 1700 is suitable for furnishing rooms with permanently installed table systems and for rooms with flexible uses. 


Multimedia possibilities   

Programme range A 1700, like all of Thonet’s table systems, offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to media and communication technology. The innovative Thonet Multimedia Module controls the networking of up to 160 users, providing power, network (LAN), USB, audio and VGA or HDMI. The democratic system allows each participant to spontaneously connect to the network. The intelligent media flaps are inserted flush with the tabletop. In addition, they are delivered in the same materials as the tabletops – making them almost invisible when closed. The cable guidance in the table legs to the cable duct beneath the tabletop is just as discretely managed from the floor tank. The Thonet Multimedia Module is simply fastened beneath the tabletop without the need for tools, facilitating assembly and disassembly. Combined with the media sideboard from programme range 1800, the module enables the realisation of optimal solutions for presentations and (video) conferences. The tabletops can be transported and stored tightly stacked.

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