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Scandinavian charm meets German design history: Thonet’s KUULA table lamp


Thonet’s vision for the world of living room furniture is beautifully enhanced with the curvaceous KUULA globe light. In cooperation with lamp manufacturer Oligo, Thonet presents a product that draws the eye with its elegant, minimalist design. The spherical, hand blown glass luminaire, perfectly balanced on a sleek aluminium base, is reminiscent of the kind of lamps that traditionally grace Nordic windowsills, while at the same time it honours the timeless essence of Bauhaus design. The KUULA table lamp is equipped with cutting-edge technology: the energy-efficient LED with its remarkable output of 1,000 lumens creates an appealing warm-white light in any room. The subtle, dimmable light switch, which is a design element in itself, allows for easy adjustment of the lamp and its lighting levels, depending on task or mood. KUULA means “globe” or “sphere” in Finnish, hence the distinctive hallmark of the lamp: the minimalist glass globe.