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The Thonet Quick Ship Programme




Our products are usually manufactured in Frankenberg on an individual per order basis; in general, delivery takes several weeks.   


For short-term requirements this may be inappropriate or you simply may not want to wait for your Thonet furniture for such a long time. Therefore, we have 60 Thonet bentwood and tubular steel icons in our quick-delivery stock, and they are available for immediate delivery. Generally, you can receive these selected versions with a much shorter delivery time, usually less than 14 days, through our partners. You can find your personal favourites in our diversified collection.


Our trade partners near you will be happy to assist you.


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» Overview of the products included in the Quick-Delivery Programme

*Please note that quick-delivery is available exclusively in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.