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Don’t miss out on news about our company, the Thonet brand, our products and our designers. Gain unique insights into our production methods and the work of our designers, and learn more about Michael Thonet and the early days of Thonet almost 200 years ago. Of course, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions regarding design icons, the continuous developments and reinterpretations of our furniture classics, and about our contemporary products.



We want communications on our social media channels to be respectful and free from misunderstandings. Hence, we have compiled a set of rules to assure that an appropriately civil form of communication is maintained. We reserve the right to remove contributions that do not comply with our Netiquette:

Treat each other with respect
There is no place on our social media platforms for verbal abuse or for insults, racist, politically incorrect, sexist or violence glorifying comments. We are, however, delighted with constructive criticism and tolerance.

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We want to point out your own responsibility for posted content and images, copyrights and personal rights.

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Company information and private personal data have to be treated as confidential.

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